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Joyce Moore Dog Training Testimonials

These are just a few of the testimonials received by satisfied customers.  Please email your testimonials if you would like to be included on the testimonial page.

testimonialTeddy Our Deaf Aussie

Teddy came to us with a plea for help. Teddy was abandoned with his litter mate who was born blind, and the two of them were found by 2 young ladies. When the owner of Teddy realized that Teddy needed more attention and care than she could provide, she contacted us asking for help. We took Teddy, not sure ourselves how to train a deaf dog, but we put our plea out for help to all trainers in the area. We finally found Joyce Moore of Joyce Moore Dog Training. Joyce has donated her time once a week to work with Teddy and teach him sign signals. We are now looking for a volunteer or foster who can work with him throughout the week to keep him stimulated and focused. If interested please email us at caresrescue@gmail.com.

We are happy to announce that Teddy has found a forever home. There are many other dogs that need to find homes if you can find a place in your heart. Thank you!!


We located this trainer online while in our former home state (15 hours to the north) since we were relocating to the Tarpon Springs area. We eagerly awaited our new golden doodle arrival and knew a quality trainer would be needed to get us started on the right path to a well-mannered young puppy. We searched the area via various apps, social media sites and reviews. Joyce was highly recommended and once our puppy arrived we contacted her for her in home training. Wow. Did we make the right decision. Joyce made a huge positive impact on our golden doodle immediately upon arrival in our home. Within a short period, our Marley was well on his way to a well-mannered future. We highly recommend Joyce and we look forward to additional follow ups with her.

David & Susan Frampton

dog trainingHey Joyce: Thx so much for helping us with Harley and Lady! They continue to do well with their obedience training and we successfully navigated a wonderful visit with my 90 year old parents – who love Lady and Harley. We would recommend your services to anyone who needs some training for their pups. We benefited greatly and hope to see you again.

Gail and Gary

Joyce was tremendous with my 2 dogs!  Both are extremely hyper and have very short attention spans.  But when Joyce stood there and said “it’s time to work”, they both ran over and sat at attention in front of her.  Joyce never raised her voice with them and gave them tons of praise every time they responded to a command, no matter how small.  When I first contacted Joyce and talked to her for a few minutes, I realized she was the same person who trained my older dog, nine years ago when he was a puppy.  He is still the most well behaved dog, and I think he remembered her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is hoping to have a well-mannered, happy dog…no matter what the dog’s age!!  Thanks again, Joyce!!  Collette Merenda

Dog trainingI was extremely impressed with the services that I received from Joyce Moore.  Joyce was not only professional, punctual, and very knowledgeable, but she truly loves animals, which is evidenced by her interaction with them.  My Doberman was over-protective when anyone entered my home, and Joyce was able to not only gain his trust, but to work with him on training, and we saw immediate results.  Joyce uses positive reinforcement, and for my dog who was not socialized properly when he was younger, this worked very well.  Along with teaching my dog basic commands such as come, stay, etc., Joyce helped me to understand my dog’s behaviors, recognize signs of stress, and communicate with him more effectively.  She helps her clients understand their role in the behavior of the dog, and the importance of their commitment to training.

I also appreciate that Joyce went above and beyond in terms of time spent with us.  The hour long sessions were always longer, as she gave my dog breaks when he needed them, and her intent was not to just provide one hour of training, but to accomplish our objectives and make progress, even if it took a little longer.  Joyce is very pleasant to work with, very professional, and I love that she continues to work on her own education in her profession.  I absolutely would use Joyce Moore Dog Training in the future, and have already recommended her to others.

Robyn Bell

Al and I can’t thank you enough for giving us the help we needed to train our rescue dog Dog TrainingToby.
When we rescued Toby he had a few issues. We were his fourth owners in three years and I don’t think any of his previous owners ever took the time to work with him. He was a nervous, scared little dog who wanted to make sure everyone he met knew that he was not going to be intimidated. He was top dog and he didn’t care how he got his point across – growling, barking, and lunging at people. Needless to say we were getting frustrated to the point where we did not even want to take him for walks for fear that we would run into one of our neighbors and be embarrassed by Toby’s actions. After four training sessions with you, he is like a new dog.
Toby is a quick learner and we are continuing to work with him. He has come a long way and our walks with him are very pleasant now. He has also learned not to be fearful of people coming to our house and really seems to enjoy his life now.
Thanks Joyce for helping us. Toby is the best dog ever and we are now one happy family!
Love, Chris and Al Hunter and Toby too!

Dog TrainingJoyce Moore has helped us train our two teenage (16 month old) pit bull terriers. We had 4 sessions lasting at least one hour in our home. She showed us how to train our dogs in basic commands.
Member Comments:
One of my dogs, Frack, was somewhat afraid and entrusting of Joyce on the initial visit. She was patient and won his trust and by the 2nd training session he was giving kisses and learning faster than his brother Frick. She gave the dogs breaks when they needed it and was gracious if we had to cancel a session. Joyce has an abundance of tips to help us reinforce her manner of training in a positive, non-threatening manner. I can see the change in both stubborn brothers. I will be using Joyce in the future as we need more training to more advanced training. The basics have been met with enthusiasm by both my furbabies. I would highly recommend Joyce. My veterinarian speaks highly of her training methods and refers clients to her exclusively. She is very knowledgeable and professional as well as affordable and patient…..Lois and Greg Thomas

Posted on Facebook:

Ellen Nycz   “I used this lady when we first got shadow, she is amazing, I was ready to get rid of him until we hired her and now he is behaving, I highly recommend her for training.”

Annie_ZaniDear Joyce,

Kim and I can not thank you enough for your guidance in teaching us how to properly train our new family member Annie Zani. Your positive reinforcement approach using love and rewards to achieve the desired performance was just what we were looking for. Your love for this kind of work and for all animals from dogs to chickens to Horses is evident to anyone who gets to know you as Kim and I have. We were so happy to find your service and even happier after having used it. You are a true treasure!

Guy and Kimberly and Annie Zani

Posted on Thumbtack:Dog Training

Excellent experience! We adopted a rescue dog who had some issues. Joyce worked with us in our home, observed our dog and made training and behavior modification techniques based on him and his personality. She uses only positive reinforcement and has such a relaxed, calm demeanor that the dog responded to her instantly. We could not be more pleased and recommend her highly!……………………Barbara

Joyce takes the time to train my dog using only positive reinforcement.  Although the sessions are one hour each, she typically spends longer than that at my house.  She only counts the time she’s working with the dog towards that one hour.  When the dog needs a break, she gives him what he needs.  All the animals love her and she is making fast progress with my dog.  Highly recommended!…………….Dana Fedoris, Tarpon Springs, FL

HeidiWe adopted Heidi from the SPCA. She had been at that particular shelter for 3 months and had been transferred from another shelter. She is our first dog. At first we weren’t sure we could keep her because of her lack of manners, but we quickly learned how loving she was and fell in love with her.

Heidi was calm inside the house with only us, but as soon as we’d go outside or someone else would come in she would get pretty crazy. She’d bark at anyone or any other dog we’d see. It was getting to the point where it wasn’t enjoyable to take her anywhere or have anyone over. That was when we realized we needed help.

We found Joyce online and decided to give her a call. After just one lesson, we were amazed at the difference. She taught Heidi so much in just an hour. We took her to the vet later in the week, and even they could see the automatic difference. Heidi loved when Joyce would come. She liked working and learning new things. She’d even cry when Joyce left each week. Joyce really gave us the tools and knowledge we need to work with Heidi. She still has some work to do, but we are confident she is going to be an amazing dog for us thanks to Joyce.Thanks again for all you did for us, Charlotte and Adrian

I have the BEST dog trainer!!! If you are sick and tired of your dog jumping on people, begging at the table and just plain not disciplined, you have to call Joyce Moore!!!! THANK YOU JOYCE for helping me get Diesel on track ‘again.’

Stacy Hansen at http://personalizedmarketing.com

“Rugaz Rescue Inc. Crew” by Rugaz Rescue

What can we say about Joyce, other then she is amazing!!! This women can do it all, Puppy Obedience Training, Dog Obedience Training, CGC, Advanced, and apparently Weight Pull training! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication with this rescue, these puppies need it!


I just wanted to give you a little update on marley! He is doing amazing and has not had one accident in the house and are working on not getting to upset when I leave the house. Thank you so much for all of your help we couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for you!

Amber Bruner


Our cute little 3 pound puppy quickly turned into an unruly 60 pound puppy within months. We tried the puppy class at a local chain store, but didn’t feel that the lessons addressed our own needs at home. We really were at wits end. The entire family was struggling to enjoy our puppy. We really felt desperate. So, I did a local search and found Joyce’s website. We couldn’t be more thrilled from the dog training we and our puppy received. It was a total transformation, a whole new dog. After the first week, our families visited for dinner and noticed the change immediately. My husband is now able to even take the dog to work with him with complete confidence there won’t be any prior problems like chewing, biting, or bathroom accidents. We are so happy! If you are considering in home dog training, you will not be disappointed by Joyce and the love and attention she gives your pet! …………………Stead Family

Hello Joyce:

I don’t know if you remember us, we are Diane and Richard Musgrave. Our dog is Simba a Chinese Sharpei. He was very timid with people. To the point people were very fearful of him. We had you come to our home and then we took lessons at Camp K-9. We want to Thank you for all your help with him and even though he still growls at people he is a lot better. After he gets use to you, you become his friend. I truly think because of you his life was saved. And so many people that I talk to and tell Simba’s story and how you helped us train him, say you are the best dog trainer out there you really care for the dogs you train.

We just want to Thank you again for helping us save our dog we have grown to Love so much.

Sincerely Diane and Richard Musgrave

With the addition of a new puppy, comes puppy training. To get the family all together on puppy training. I called Joyce Moore, a professional dog trainer.

Joyce does in home dog training. I chose in home so my new puppy, Oreo would have exclusive attention without any distractions. We could also work on problem behaviors in his own environment.

Within minutes, Joyce was giving Oreo commands and he responded perfectly to them. I was amazed. I finally learned to stop saying No to everything Oreo did. We all now, know the commands for sit, stay, down, come, relax, and many others.

Recently at my brother-in-law house, Oreo got out. First everyone started to run after him. I told them to stop and I would have him come. I announced Oreo come in a high pitch happy voice, and he immediately came to me. Dogs love attention and a happy voice they will always come to.

The sit and stay command is awesome. It stops all that jumping on people that puppies do.

Joyce is a wonderful lady. Very, Very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services. Oreo is only 3 months old. This is the time to train your puppy, before they develop habits that you don’t want.

Deb Babinetz, La Pawfur’d Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Reviews of Joyce Moore Dog Training (from Merchant Circle)

Knows her stuff!!

“Nice lady that knows what she’s doing.My roommate.Ann Stevens says hi..she worked with you years ago and tells m” read

Quality training from truly caring people

“Caring people that train dogs right for a fair price. Visit their website and read how they helped Teddy. These people care!”

Great Training