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Puppy Prep

This group class is a

class for beginners

Basic Fundamentals

For the beginners.

You will receive free Handouts


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Free Handouts

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Walk With Me

Reliable Recall

Focused Attention


Dog Lovers of Tarpon
39934 US Highway 19 North
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689



Group Dog Training Classes

In our group dog training classes you and your dog will learn the principles of training in a controlled environment, where your dog learns to focus on you in the company of other dogs, and you learn how to manage and train your dog with varying levels of distraction. All dog training classes are positive reinforcement methods, no harsh methods used.

You will receive free eBooks, handouts and homework reminders. 

Small Classes, “BIG” Results.

Our small classes allow more individual attention. We teach training games for focus, calm, self control, and flexibility. These games build optimism, confidence, focus, and lowers arousal.


The summer schedule begins with the June Group Class. There will be only one class at 1:00 pm. Sign up early as space is limited to 4 dogs.

Class Schedule:

Orientation Sunday 5/22 4:00 pm

Beginner  Sunday    6/5  1:00 pm 

Space is limited to 4 dogs per class.

To sign up for classes please stop by or call: 727-937-1705 (payment reserves your space)  

Dog Lovers of Tarpon

39934 US Hwy 19 North

Tarpon Springs, FL34689

Phone: 727-937-1705

Beginner Classes: 

Our Beginner Classes are far beyond basic. You will also receive free E-Books and handouts each week to help you to be successful in training your dog. 


Concept training takes the dog and trainer a step beyond normal training. Rather than a simple relation between a cue, a behavior, and a consequence the dog learns a broader rule or set of rules that can be applied to new situations.

Training for the situation, not in the situation to get real life results.


Concept training will cover the following concepts: 







Arousal Concepts

You will be working with the dog in front of you.

Behaviors will include:

  • Walking on a Loose Leash
  • Greeting People Politely/ Jump Prevention
  • Leave-it
  • Focus and Attention on You Around Distraction
  • Impulse Control
  • Name Recognition
  • Sit-Stay
  • Come when Called

4-week group class $149.00

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